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Karrington Donald to  34K

Born Karrington Donald in the heart and soul of Louisiana tunes, 34K is a rising San Antonio star, brimming with youth, energy, passion, and soulfulness. Her career began when she picked up the plastic guitar for the video game "Guitar Hero." She instantly knew it was more than just a game - it became a part of her and there was no going back to a life without holding a guitar in her hands. At the age of 14, 34K started writing her own music and found a bigger purpose in the behind-the-scenes of music.


During her middle school years, 34K’s basketball coach, who saw great potential in her musical future, bestowed upon her the stage name "34K." This name, her basketball number and the first letter of her name, stuck with her and served as a testament to her talent and ambition.

Fueled by her love for music, 34K has flourished as an artist, captivating audiences across the San Antonio area with her performances. Her cover of the song "I Like That" caught the attention of Janelle Monae's channel, earning her recognition and exposure. Drawing inspiration from revered artists like Jill Scott, Lianne La Havas, and John Mayer, 34K weaves a tapestry of styles, showcasing a distinctive musical persona that sets her apart.


"Don't ever stop the music"


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